Be real. Use MEET.
In real life!

Not into virtual "Chatting",
"Swiping", "Matching" & "Fake Profiles"?

Then download MEET now. Be bold and
encounter with new people directly in real life.

You're new in town? Or are you looking for a relationship,
a casual date or just spontaneously someone who comes with you for a drink or something to eat?
Then the MEET App is just right for you.
MEET is:
Getting to know someone virtually is like travelling a country via YouTube.
MEET is direct and you make a direct meeting and get to know someone really,
MEET is not about self-expression and collecting ego boosts. MEET users are open-minded and interested in their counterparts.
Meet in a bar, café, restaurant or another
public place.
MEET is completely free of charge. Not only during registration, but also while using it.
In real life
Life is too short to miss it in virtual space. Go out and meet new people.
How to use MEET?
Download the app, log in with email or Facebook and set up your profile. Then you're ready to go.
See all MEET users near you. Select someone you like and send them an invitation for a meeting.
The meeting is always arranged jointly, both must agree. Step by step the WHAT, WHEN & WHERE is defined.
Meet at the agreed place and get to know each other in real life. Everything else arises. Enjoy using MEET.
Now go ahead, download the app and meet new people.
How is MEET different from other solutions?
MEET is an app to get to know someone in real life. Other solutions work in a similar way, but still differ fundamentally from MEET:
Mobile Dating Apps
  • There the users "match" themselves and then text/chat endlessly (or do not answer); only about 30% of the users meet other users in real life
  • Some users "hide" behind their profile and present themselves in funny ways
  • Some solutions have a negative image and are called "dick pics", "fuck app", "ego booster" solutions
  • Often you have to pay first to write to someone
Online Dating Platforms
  • Takes place mainly on the PC and the solutions are all designed that the users chat. After all, about 60% of the users meet offline
  • Users match 93.7% thanks to long questionnaires and intransparent algorithms. This has nothing to do with real life ergo means nothing at all
  • Expensive subscription fees with long contract terms (6-24 months)
  • Designed for events and activities, a topic or activity is the reason to meet
  • Participants are not eligible, anyone who wants to can join in (young, old, beginner, professional)
  • Only the organizer can determine place and time, the participants have to follow it
  • Keeping track of all events/activities and/or finding the right one is sometimes difficult
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